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Welcome! Bienvenidos! Come on in...kick your shoes off and stay awhile.
Breathe deeply...take your time to drink in colorful soulfulness.
I invite you into this creative space. I am so glad you are here!
If I may, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself...
My name is Laura Wolfe. I have been an artist since I was a little girl. I remember drawing the shape of Coca-Cola glasses and drawing faces, hair and earrings on them, creating my own characters as a child. I loved to doodle and draw cartoons. My favorite genre for many years was colored pencils. And, then I discovered paints and mixed media!
So, for a handful of years I tinkered with mixed media and little by little I allowed myself to become busy with other things and I walked away from my own artistic endeavors and pursuits for a season.
During that season I pursued my Master's in Counseling (M.S.Ed) and have worked as a therapist (LCPC) for 20+ years, as well as an Interpreter/Translator for families with children with special needs. Much of my work with children, adolescents and adults includes the use of expressive arts. Human beings have a beautiful way of being able to express on paper, and other surfaces, with crayons, markers, paints, collage, stick it notes, etc... what we may not be able to put into words. It is my privilege to be a witness and come alongside so many during moments of challenge and provide a safe place for them to process their experiences and stories.
Nine years ago, for many reasons, it was time to begin "reviving creative dry bones." I had unexpectedly been diagnosed with cancer, (honestly, who ever thinks they will hear the "C" word), and it was time to dust off the paint brushes and create. It was time
to return to my own artistic endeavors and pursuits.
Both paintings and poetry began being birthed through me on a daily basis and although the season was a painful one, it was also a beautiful one of seeing new seed beginning to grow on ground that had been fallow for too long.
So, as you stroll through my home page or gallery you will have an opportunity to see the many "gifts" that were birthed the past few year. You may see images that speak peace, life, hope or destiny to you. Whatever it is that you take away, I hope and pray that as these paintings have blessed me that they will in turn be a blessing to you.
Stay as long as you like...
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