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There have been circumstances this week that have prompted me to once again understand how life can change in a moment. A couple of the ways that I process my experiences are through writing and creating art. The following poem is a work in progress.


I wake listening

to rain, windows

open--spring, almost summer

fragrance, earth's moist

breezes mingle with early

morning chatter--birdsongs,

an occasional car passing,

tires on pavement, sounds like wet

rubber rolling over an ink


an impression for a time. Each life

is afforded an opportunity--grace

falls like rain all around

everyday, the invitation is

presented. Will I lean into what is

offered? Leave footprints un-

realized because of fear, doubt, past

words, thoughts, actions? Life is

full of moments to catch

and release. A hand, a heart

open and close finite times before

both are laid down, I hear

a door closing in the distance. Tires

no longer moving, leaving

behind roads untraveled.

Author Laura J. Wolfe

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