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I recently went to a workshop presented by Pamela Hayes, MFT, ATR-BC. Her exercises challenged me to think about feelings outside of the box. One of the tools integrated feeling words and a form poem.

This being said, I have been thinking on the word gratitude this week and musing about what gratitude is and how I express it in my own life. From Pamela Hayes' exercise she encourages others to express what color a feeling is, what it tastes like, smells like, sounds like, looks like, feels like and where it comes from.

I love how this exercise invites me to use my senses. is goes...

Gratitude is light pink.

Gratitude tastes like smooth and silky yogurt with fresh strawberries.

Gratitude sounds like a gentle summer rain soaking the ground.

Gratitude looks like a person kissing the ground, with tears running down their face thanking God for the sacredness of his/her life.

Gratitude feels like a warm sherpa blanket enveloping me.

Gratitude comes from my gut...the deepest place inside of me for all the beauty that is offered to me everyday.

So, if you were to write your own poem, using the word gratitude or another word of your choosing, what color would it be, what would it taste like, smell like, sound like, look like, feel like, and where does it come from?

With so much gentleness and love,


Happy Thanksgiving...Happy Gratitude Week!!!

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