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"As Flowers Bloom"

In the past week, I have had the honor of observing one of my dear friends and her family journey with their sweet mother to the end of her life here on earth. She knew it was her time and her family honored what she needed. (I could write more about this sacrificial act of love...absolutely amazing!)

She was a beautiful woman who lived her life by loving others and I believe that in turn her family loved her as far as they were able to journey together up to the doorstep of Heaven. She planted many seeds of joy, love, kindness, gratefulness and celebration wherever she journeyed on life's path. This is one of several poems I will be dedicating to her memory this week. Dorothy you were a sweet treasure to this world and you will be missed!

"As Flowers Bloom"

Another winter has come,

leaving snow drifts, blizzards--

artic freezes data recorded

to chips--memory

for future generations. Leaves

dance in the wind as temperatures

climb, ivy up the side of the house

clings softly to the sun

rising each day. Buds open

as flowers bloom, petals

gently fall on the ground, ashes

from last fall mix with earth's


humidity touches and spreads

upon humans, plants and animals alike

we are--in our life

cycles. Slowly all of a sudden--I feel

winter's howling. You call, speaking about

your mom. She is not doing well--

you think it could be anytime

now. Her voice a whisper

so many in your family holding

her hand, embracing, speaking life

words--the kind that are spoken

when days are long and time

is short--drinking in the essence

of her--being here--before the last petal

falls to the ground, the beauty of her bloom

resting, a precious soul

lived through a woman you call


Author Laura J. Wolfe

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