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"Embracing, Releasing"

Another poem to honor the beautiful life of Dorothy.

"Embracing, Releasing"

Yesterday after

passing by the coffin

kissing my fingers--touching

your shadow. I tucked my head under

an umbrella--Heaven spilling over

sacred grief for the loss

of your uplifting joy here on earth.

Wet, sloppy drops splashed outside

as we lifted the words, "when sorrows

like sea billows roll; Whatever my lot,

Thou hast taught me to know, it is well,

it is well, with my soul." We laughed

as we remembered watching

a slide show in our memories,

on the screen--a photo of you and Nick,

your wedding day, over sixty years

ago. A lifetime

of loving well, spreading your arms

wide--an invitation extended

to others. Like a mama hen

who gently nudges little chicks

into the fold. I press my fingers

on the floor back home

now, the rain continues widespread

it seeps inside. We use a simmer pump when

the towels no longer sop up

the water, on my knees I reach

in towards the storm

stirring in my heart from another

loss felt drumming as thunder

shakes me awake to living

in the presence of today.

Author Laura J. Wolfe

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